Parents, advocacy groups, and New Democrats celebrate the end of a clawback

VICTORIA— Nearly 6000 children will finally keep their child support payments because parents, advocacy groups and New Democrats pressured the B.C. Liberals to stop clawing back their much needed support.

“If it wasn’t for families stepping forward to share their struggles publicly, the Liberal government would have continued taking child support money that rightfully belonged to kids,” said Michelle Mungall, New Democrat spokesperson for social development. “Ending this harmful policy is an important step towards reducing child poverty across the province.”

Mungall successfully worked with families and advocates for more than a year, calling on the B.C. Liberals to end the child support clawback that took $13 million from children whose parents received social assistance. The policy was changed earlier this year, and takes effect on Sept 1.

“This was a hard fought battle, but there are still other clawbacks that contribute to child poverty,” said Mungall, “We hope that Christy Clark will realize that she also needs to stop clawing back maternity and parental leave benefits from new parents.”

Currently, the B.C. Liberals take all maternity and parental leave benefits from new parents receiving disability. From day one, children are facing poverty as parents with disabilities struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table.

“A small group of people came together to end the child support clawback and won. Now the Liberals should give others the same respect by ending the maternity and parental leave clawbacks too.”