The Tri Cities Say Goodbye to the Now Newspaper

A partner in the community
OCTOBER 1, 2015 12:00 AM

Coquitlam – The Tri-Cities NOW has been a fabulous community partner. When I worked at SHARE as director of development, the NOW was always the first to ask what the organization needed. The Pennies for Presents program that they hosted year after year raised thousands of dollars for the Christmas Toy Program and demonstrated the huge commitment the NOW had to the Tri-Cities. The NOW promoted the campaign, collected the pennies and housed the volunteers who would sit for hours rolling those pennies. The NOW has also been a fabulous partner to the three Divas by helping us to promote our Oscar Night and Diva en Blanc events.
As a Coquitlam city councillor, I came to really appreciate the coverage the reporters did of those council meetings, sitting for hours as council debated the sometimes mundane details of running a large city. All that sitting could not have been easy but they would listen and pull out the salient content that was important to residents. I want to especially acknowledge the editor, Leneen Robb, who always made time to educate me on what stories to share with reporters and how to frame op/ed pieces that would be of interest to readers.
Community newspapers are about community, and the NOW and their staff had a clear understanding and commitment to this community. I am sorry that such a great community asset is being lost and I wish all those who made it such a great asset all the very best in the future.
Selina Robinson
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