Vancouver Sun: ‘It is going to get worse before it gets better’: Health minister on opioid crisis

By Cheryl Chan

Vancouver Sun

June 12, 2017

Quote from article:

NDP MLA Selina Robinson, who was mental-health and addictions critic before the writ dropped, said B.C. is in the grips of a crisis that’s getting worse as government remains in limbo awaiting the recall of the legislature June 22.

“Having a stand-alone ministry means there will be someone working every day on this issue,” she said. “It allows for some laser focus, and pull together a system that works better for people.”

One of the concerns is the “piecemeal system” for treatment and recovery where there is little government regulation and oversight, and quality, requirements and range of services differ across the board. For example, some recovery treatments refuse to take patients who are on Suboxone, a drug used to treat opioid addiction, even though it’s used for treatment protocol, said Robinson. “This just creates another barrier.”

Robinson said the NDP is unable to provide a budget for the new ministry because it hasn’t been able to access transition documents it needs to make decisions.

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