Northern communities must benefit from LNG promises, say New Democrats

TERRACE – The New Democrats opposition agree with the newly formed Northwest B.C. Resource Benefits Alliance that the B.C. Liberal government should act on their election promise to share Northern resources with Northern communities.

“New Democrats support local communities getting a good return for resources extracted in B.C.,” said New Democrat spokesperson for Northern economic development Robin Austin. “So far the Liberal election promise to negotiate a deal with Northern communities is unfulfilled. It’s time to see action and follow-through from the Liberal government.”

Austin was responding to the formation of the Northwest B.C. Resource Benefits Alliance announced Tuesday. The Alliance is made up of several Northern local governments and was formed to participate in talks promised by Premier Clark.


“It’s time for Premier Clark to start talking about real, tangible benefits from LNG for British Columbians, not just pie-in-the-sky predictions.”


Premier Clark promised before the 2013 election to “commence revenue sharing discussions with rural resource communities, especially those in Northwest BC to help them prepare for future growth.”


Austin said more than a year has passed and the premier still has not begun those discussions.




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