Roundhouse Radio 98.3: Funding announced for addiction treatment as overdose crisis continues

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by Taran Parmar

Posted on 2/7/2017 3:06 PM


Quote from article:

 Selina Robinson, the NDP Critic for Mental Health and Addictions, insists this action is coming too late.

“This government has ignored this issue for years. There hasn’t been anyone paying attention to addiction treatment in this province and so, as a result, we have this hodge-podge incoherent system that isn’t really a system. Now, we have people dying and even when they are saying they want help, it isn’t there for them.”

Lake also added the federal government isn’t stepping up to the plate when it comes to providing funding to help drug users in BC.

Lake says plans to provide drug users with test strips which would identify the presence of fentanyl have been sidetracked due to lack of federal funding.

“We are working with our federal government to look at drug testing. You know, we haven’t had as much engagement from the federal government that we would have liked to have but I know Minister Philpott is interested in these types of strategies.”

Robinson says Lake can’t pass the blame on to the federal government.

“Minister Lake wants to point fingers at the federal government. I think we all have to point fingers at the Minister and say what have you done in the last 15 years, to make sure we have the resources necessary to keep our children and our loved ones safe from drugs like this? And how have you been there to help? This government has been negligent and I blame Christy Clark for that.”

She says while Ottawa should be paying attention to what’s been happening in provinces like BC and Alberta, the real solution has to be made at home by the provincial government.


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